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March 2020

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Understanding Player Load: Meanings and Limitations
Sarah Bredt, Mauro Chagas, Gustavo Peixoto, Hans Menzel, André Andrade

Development and Validation of a Checklist to Assess Proficient Performance of Basketball Straight Speed Dribbling Skill
Fernando Garbeloto dos Santos, Matheus Maia Pacheco, Luciano Basso, Flavio Henrique Bastos, Go Tani

The Effects of Compression Garments on Stability and Lower Limb Kinematics During a Forward Lunge
Ioannis Angelakos, Chris Mills, Joseph O'Halloran

Lower Extremity Stiffness in Collegiate Distance Runners Pre- and Post-Competition
Tavernite Jake P., Moran Matthew F.

Comparison of Morphological Profiles and Performance Variables Between Female Volleyball Players of the First and Second Division in Portugal
Alberto Carvalho, Daniel Duarte, Paulo Roriz

Roller Massage: Comparing the Immediate Post-Treatment Effects Between an Instructional Video and a Self-Preferred Program Using Two Different Density-Type Roller Balls
Scott W. Cheatham, Kyle R. Stull, Wendy N. Batts, Tony Ambler-Wright

Eating Habits and Body Composition of International Elite Soccer Referees
Gabriele Mascherini, Cristian Petri, Elena Ermini, Angelo Pizzi, Antonio Ventura, Giorgio Galanti

Muscle Thickness During Core Stability Exercises in Children and Adults
Eleftherios Kellis, Athanasios Ellinoudis, Konstantina Intziegianni, Nikolaos Kofotolis

Effect of an Inside Floater on Soccer Players Tactical Behaviour in Small Sided and Conditioned Games
Felipe Moniz, Alcides Scaglia, Hugo Sarmento, Tomas Garcia Calvo, Israel Teoldo

Taekwondo Anaerobic Intermittent Kick Test: Discriminant Validity and an Update with the Gold-Standard Wingate Test
Amel Tayech, Mohamed Arbi Mejri, Mehdi Chaouachi, Helmi Chaabene, Mourad Hambli, Matt Brughelli, David G. Behm, Anis Chaouachi

Technical Performance and Perceived Exertion Variations Between Small-Sided Basketball Games in Under-14 and Under-16 Competitive Levels
Filipe Manuel Clemente, Rita Sanches, Carlos Filipe Moleiro, Mónica Gomes, Ricardo Lima

The Effects of Circuit Strength Training on the Development of Physical Fitness and Performance-Related Variables in Handball Players
Souhail Hermassi, Laudner G. Kevin, René Schwesig

Analysis of Goal Scoring Patterns in the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Alliance Kubayi

Spanish Elite Soccer Reserve Team Configuration and the Impact of Physical Fitness Performance
Asier Los Arcos, Raúl Martínez-Santos, Daniel Castillo

The Use of Small-Sided Games as an Aerobic Fitness Assessment Supplement within Elite Level Professional Soccer
Adam Owen, Matt Newton, Aidan Shovlin, Shane Malone

A Meta-Analysis on the Effect of Complex Training on Vertical Jump Performance
Jeffrey Pagaduan, Haris Pojskic

The Basketball Pass: A Systematic Review
Arturo Quílez Maimón, Javier Courel-Ibá?ez, Francisco Javier Rojas Ruíz

Development of the Compulsive Exercising Scale for Extreme Sports Participants
Hyunkyun Ahn, Nam Ki Cho, Wi-Young So

The Relationship Between Tactical Positioning and the Race Outcome in 800-M Running at The 2016 Olympic Games And 2017 IAAF World Championship
Fernando González-Mohíno, Jesús Santos del Cerro, Andrew Renfree, Inmaculada Yustres, José Mª González-Ravé

The effectiveness of a dry-land shoulder rotators strength training program in injury prevention in competitive swimmers
Nuno Batalha, Carlos Paixão, António José Silva, Mário Costa, John Mullen, Tiago M. Barbosa

Intra-trial reliability and usefulness of isometric mid-thigh pull testing on portable force plates
Ciarán Keogh, D.J. Collins, Giles Warrington, Tom Comyns

Jumping-based Asymmetries are Negatively Associated with Jump, Change of Direction, and Repeated Sprint Performance, but not Linear Speed, in Adolescent Handball Athletes
Marc Madruga-Parera, Chris Bishop, Paul Read , Jason Lake , Jon Brazier, Daniel Romero-Rodriguez

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