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1. Mário C. Marques, Adam Zajac
Presentation of the 1st International Symposium on Strength & Conditioning (ISSC 2011)

2. Mário C. Marques, Adam Zajac, Ana Pereira , Aldo M. Costa
Strength training and detraining in different populations: case studies

3. Juan J. González-Badillo, Mário C. Marques , Luis Sánchez-Medina
The importance of movement velocity as a measure to control resistance training intensity

4. José Vilaça, Martim Bottaro, Catarina Santos
Energy expenditure combining strength and aerobic training

5. Martim Bottaro, Saulo Martorelli, José Vilaça
Neuromuscular compression garments: effects on neuromuscular strength and recovery

6. Victor M. Reis, Roberto S. Júnior, Adam Zajac, Diogo R. Oliveira
Energy cost of resistance exercises: an update

7. Steven J. Fleck
Non-linear periodization for general fitness & athletes

8. Roberto S. Júnior, Thalita Leite, Victor M. Reis
Influence of the number of sets at a strength training in the flexibility gains

9. Mário C. Marques, Francisco J. Saavedra, Catarina Abrantes, Felipe J. Aidar
Associations between rate of force development metrics and throwing velocity in elite team handball players: a short research report

10. Roxana M. Brasil, Ana C. Barreto, Leandro Nogueira, Edil Santos, Jefferson S. Novaes, Victor M. Reis
Comparison of physiological and perceptual responses between continuous and intermittent cycling

11. Jefferson M. Vianna, Jorge P. Lima, Francisco J. Saavedra, Victor M. Reis
Aerobic and anaerobic energy during resistance exercise at 80% 1RM

12. Jefferson M. Vianna, Victor M. Reis, Francisco Saavedra, Vinicius Damasceno, Sérgio G. Silva, Fredric Goss
Can Energy Cost During Low-Intensity Resistance Exercise be Predicted by the OMNI-RES Scale?

13. Carlos Marta, Daniel A. Marinho, Aldo M. Costa, Tiago M. Barbosa, Mário C. Marques
Somatotype is More Interactive with Strength than Fat Mass and Physical Activity in Peripubertal Children

14. Albano Santos, Daniel A. Marinho, Aldo M. Costa, Mikel Izquierdo, Mário C. Marques
The Effects of Concurrent Resistance and Endurance Training Follow a Specific Detraining Cycle in Young School Girls

15. Pedro Morouço, Henrique Neiva, Juan J. González-Badillo, Nuno Garrido, Daniel A. Marinho, Mário C. Marques
Associations Between Dry Land Strength and Power Measurements with Swimming Performance in Elite Athletes: a Pilot Study

16. Henrique Neiva, Pedro Morouço, António J. Silva, Mário C. Marques, Daniel A. Marinho
The Effect 0f Warm-up on Tethered Front Crawl Swimming Forces

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