Journal of Human Kinetics

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Volume 10

Archives > 2003

1. S. Poprzęcki, A. Zając, T. Gołąb, Z. Waśkiewicz
The effect of antioxidant vitamin supplementation on anaerobic glycolysis in men

2. J. Szopa, J. Eider
The influence of increased physical activity on the level of somatic and functional development Polish children of methodological problems and state of research

3. K. Mikołajec, R. Góralczyk, S. Poprzęcki, A. Zając, Z. Waśkiewicz
The effects of specific conditioning on speed abilities in young female basketball players

4. A. T. Klimek, J. Cempla
The influence of short-term interval exercise on respiratory and circulatory dynamics in pre and post puberty boys

5. M. Kovač, G. Jurak, J. Strel, J. Bednarik
Comparison of motor development of boys and girls aged 11-17

6. J. Jaworski, M. Żychowska, J. Szopa
Functional involution in rural areas of south Poland – preliminary

7. T. Socha
Relationships between somatic traits and physical efficiency of female volleyball players

8. J. Eider
Callanetics as one of the factors in motor abilities development in women

9. L. Čepička
The Rasch model in the motor ability testing

10. R. Góralczyk, K. Mikołajec, S. Poprzęcki, A. Zając, Z. Waśkiewicz
Kinematic analysis of intermittent sprints of elite soccer players

11. S. Poprzęcki
The effect of a combined omega-3 fatty acid and a-tocopherol supplementation on physical work capacity and blood antioxidant status in male subjects

12. W. Starosta
Report from the activities of the Presidium of International Association of Sport Kinetics (IASK) in the years 2001-2003

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