Journal of Human Kinetics

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Volume 14

Archives > 2005

1. Niewiadomski W., Cardinale M., Gąsiorowska A., Cybulski G., Karuss B., Strasz A.
Could Vibration Training Be an Alternative to Resistance Training in Reversing Sarcopenia?

2. Klimek-Piskorz E., Piskorz C.
Ventilatory Threshold During a Graded Exercise Test in Male Youths with Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Paresis of Lower Limbs

3. Poprzęcki S., Zając A., Staszkiewicz A., Cholewa J. Zwierko T.
Effect of Eccentric and Concentric Exercise on Plasma Nitric Compounds in Healthy Men

4. Plinta R., Saulicz E., Gnat R., Juras G., Waśkiewicz Z.
Assessment of Specific Coordination in Subjects with Handicaped Locomotor System

5. Rostkowska E., Habiera M., Antosiak-Cyrak K.
Angular Changes in the Elbow Joint During Underwater Movement in Synchronized Swimmers

6. Mikołajec K., Kubaszczyk A., Waśkiewicz Z.
Factors Determining Game Effectiveness of Polish Female Junior Basketball Team

7. Ružbarský P., Turek M.
Performance Prognosis in Swimming

8. Resiak M.
Relationships Between Features of Somatic Development and Physical Fitness in 6-7 Year Old Lean and Obese Children

9. Sterkowicz S. Starosta W.
Selected Factors Influencing the Level of General Fitness in Elite Greco-Roman Wrestlers

10. Strzała M. Tyka A., Żychowska M, Woźnicki P.
Components of Physical Work Capacity, Somatic Variables and Technique in Relation to 100 and 400m Time Trials in Young Swimmers

11. Starosta W.
Report on Activity East European Coordinator in the period 1.01.2005 to 30.06.2005

12. Starosta W.
Report from the activities of the IASK Presidium in the years 2003-2005-09-01

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