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Volume 21

Archives > 2009


1. Ivana Hromatko, Ana Butkovic
Sensation Seeking and Spatial Ability in Athletes: an Evolutionary Account

2. Niksa Djurovic, Vinko Lozovina, Leo Pavicic
Evaluation of Tennis Match Data - New Acquisition Model

3. Rafał Gnat, Edward Saulicz, Maciej Biały, Patryk Kłaptocz
Does Pelvic Asymmetry always Mean Pathology? Analysis of Mechanical Factors Leading to the Asymmetry

4. Daniel Jandačka, František Vaverka
Validity of Mechanical Power Output Measurement at Bench Press Exercise


5. Mandy L. Gault, Richard E. Clements, Mark E. T. Willems
Effect of Wearing the Cosmed K4b2 Metabolic System on 1 Mile Walking Performance in Older Adults

6. Miłosz Czuba, Adam Zając, Jarosław Cholewa, Stanisław Poprzęcki, Zbigniew Waśkiewicz,Kazimierz Mikołajec
Lactate Threshold (D-Max Method) and Maximal Lactate Steady State in Cyclists

7. Gerard Cybulski, Wiktor Niewiadomski, Anna Strasz, Dorota Laskowska, Anna Gąsiorowska
Relationships Between Systolic Time Intervals and Heart Rate During Initial Response to Orthostatic Manoeuvre in Men of Different Age

8. Beat Knechtle, Tristan Vinzent, Steve Kirby, Patrizia Knechtle, Thomas Rosemann
The Recovery Phase Following a Triple Iron Triathlon


9. Bulent Agbuga, John P. Slovak, Ferman Konukman, Ilker Yilmaz
Comparison of Division II College Offensive and Defensive Football Players’ Upper Body Strength Across One Repetition Maximum Test and The NFL-225 Test

10. Marcin Andrzejewski, Beata Pluta, Dariusz Posiadała
Characteristics of Physical Loads of Young Footballers During a Championship Match

11. Władysław Mynarski, Michał Rozpara, Krzysztof Czapla, Wiesław Garbaciak
Aerobic Capacity of Students with Different Levels of Physical Activity as Assessed by IPAQ

12. Robert Schneider, Timothy J. Henry, William F. Stier Jr.
Knowledge Areas Necessary for Successful NCAA Division III Certified Athletic Trainers: NCAA Division III Certified Athletic Trainers’ Perceptions

13. Ilker Y?lmaz, Nevin Ergu, Ferman Konukman, Bulent Agbug(a, Erdal Zorba, Zafer Cimen
The Effects of Water Exercises and Swimming on Physical Fitness of Children with Mental Retardation

14. Leyla Tavacioglu
Sports Media in Turkey: A Sample on the University Students

15. Donata Woitas-Ślubowska
Influence of Patricipation in Leisure Time Physical Activity on Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption among Former Athletes and Non Athletes

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