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Volume 29

Archives > 2011


1. Renata Vaøeková, Ivan Vaøeka, Miroslav Janura,Zdenek Svoboda, Milan Elfmark
Evaluation of Postural Asymmetry and Gross Joint Mobility in Elite Female Volleyball Athletes

2. José M. Muyor, Fernando Alacid, Pedro A. López-Mi?arro
Influence of Hamstring Muscles Extensibility on Spinal Curvatures and Pelvic Tilt in Highly Trained Cyclists

3. František Zahálka , TomᚠMalý , Lucie Malá , Martin Doktor , Jan Vìtrovský
Kinematic Analysis of Canoe Stroke and its Changes During Different Types of Paddling Pace - Case Study

4. Pedro Figueiredo, Leandro Machado, Jo?o Paulo Vilas-Boas, Ricardo J. Fernandes
Reconstruction Error of Calibration Volume's Coordinates for 3D Swimming Kinematics

5. Pedro A. López-Mi?arro, José M. Muyor, Fernando Alacid
Sagittal Spinal and Pelvic Postures of Highly-Trained Young Canoeists

6. Daniel A. Marinho, Tiago M. Barbosa, Abel I. Rouboa, António J. Silva
The Hydrodynamic Study of the Swimming Gliding: a Two-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis


7. Monoem Haddad, Anis Chaouachi, Del P. Wong, Carlo Castagna, Karim Chamari
Heart Rate Responses and Training Load During Nonspecific and Specific Aerobic Training in Adolescent Taekwondo Athletes

8. José M. Saavedra, Antonio Garcia-Hermoso, Yolanda Escalante
Effects of Exercise and/or Diet Programs on Kinanthropometric and Metabolic Parameters in Obese Children: a Pilot Study

9. Alpay Güvenç
Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Body Composition, Aerobic Performance and Lactate, Heart Rate and Perceptual Responses in Young Soccer Players


10. Todd C. Shoepe, David A. Ramirez, Robert J. Rovetti, David R. Kohler, Hawley C. Almstedt
The Effects of 24 weeks of Resistance Training with Simultaneous Elastic and Free Weight Loading on Muscular Performance of Novice Lifters

11. Pawe³ Tomaszewski, Jan Gajewski, Joanna Lewandowska
Somatic Profile of Competitive Sport Climbers

12. Mário C. Marques, Helena Gil, Rui J. Ramos, Aldo M. Costa, Daniel A. Marinho
Relationships Between Vertical Jump Strength Metrics and 5 Meters Sprint Time

13. Marko Aleksandroviæ, Dragan Radovanoviæ, Tomislav Okièiæ, Dejan Madiæ, Georgi Georgiev
Functional Abilities as a Predictor of Specific Motor Skills of Young Water Polo Players

14. Christos Katsikas, Olyvia Donti, Maria Psychountaki
Psychometric Properties of The Greek Version of the Test of Performance Strategies-Competition Scale (TOPS-CS)

15. Luis Santos, Vicente González, Marta Iscar,Juan I. Brime, Javier Fernández-Río, Blanca Rodríguez, M? Ángeles Montoliu
Retesting The Validity Of A Specific Field Test For Judo Training

16. Ali Asghar Fallahi, Ali Akbar Jadidian
The Effect of Hand Dimensions, Hand Shape and Some Anthropometric Characteristics on Handgrip Strength in Male Grip Athletes and Non-Athletes

17. Maria Alicja Nowak
Physical Activity and its Associations with other Lifestyle Elements in Polish Women

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