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Volume 32

Archives > 2012

1.Yolanda Escalante, Jose M. Saavedra
Swimming and Aquatic Activities: State of the Art


2. Tiago M Barbosa, Jorge E Morais, Mário J Costa, Jean E Mejias, Daniel A Marinho, António J Silva
Estimating the Trunk Transverse Surface Area to Assess Swimmer's Drag Force Based on their Competitive Level

3. Tiago M. Barbosa, Mário, Jorge E Morais, Marc Moreira, António J. Silva, Daniel A. Marinho
How Informative are the Vertical Buoyancy and the Prone Gliding Tests to Assess Young Swimmers' Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Profiles?

4. Rocio Dominguez-Castells, Raul Arellano
Effect of Different Loads on Stroke and Coordination Parameters During Freestyle Semi-Tethered Swimming

5. Vassilios Thanopoulos, Georgia Rozi, Tomislav Okičić, Milivoj Dopsaj, Bojan Jorgić, Dejan Madić, Saša Veličković,
Zoran Milanović, Fani Spanou, Emilios Batis
Differences in the Efficiency Between the Grab and Track Starts for Both Genders in Greek Young Swimmers

6. Jonas Martens, Daniel Daly
Qualitative Evaluation of Water Displacement in Simulated Analytical Breaststroke Movements

7. Paulo Simoes, José Vasconcelos-Raposo, António Silva, Helder M. Fernandes
Effects of a Process-Oriented Goal Setting Model on Swimmer's Performance

8. Jerzy Sadowski, Andrzej Mastalerz, Wilhelm Gromisz, Tomasz Niźnikowski
Effectiveness of the Power Dry-Land Training Programmes in Youth Swimmers

9. Pantelis Theo Nikolaidis
Age- and Sex-Related Differences in Force-Velocity Characteristics of Upper and Lower Limbs of Competitive Adolescent Swimmers

10. Arkadiusz Stanula, Adam Maszczyk, Robert Roczniok, Przemysław Pietraszewski, Andrzej Ostrowski, Adam Zając,
Marek Strzała
The Development and Prediction of Athletic Performance in Freestyle Swimming

11. J. Madera, L.M. González, J. Benavent, V. Tella
Analysis on the Time and Frequency Domains of the Acceleration in Front Crawl Stroke

12. Ricardo J. Fernandes, J. Paulo Vilas-Boas
Time to Exhaustion at the VO2max Velocity in Swimming: A Review


13. Mia Peric, Natasa Zenic,Gordana Furjan Mandic, Damir Sekulic, Dorica Sajber
The Reliability, Validity and Applicability of Two Sport-Specific Power Tests in Synchronized Swimming

14. T. C. Alentejano, G. J. Bell, D. Marshall
A Comparison of the Physiological Responses to Underwater Arm Cranking and Breath Holding Between Synchronized Swimmers and Breath Holding Untrained Women

15. Miran Kondrič,Ognjen Uljević, Goran Gabrilo, Dean Kontić, Damir Sekulić
General Anthropometric and Specific Physical Fitness Profile of High-Level Junior Water Polo Players

16. Lidija Dimitrijević, Marko Aleksandrović, Dejan Madić, Tomislav Okičić, Dragan Radovanović, Daniel Daly
The Effect of Aquatic Intervention on the Gross Motor Function and Aquatic Skills in Children with Cerebral Palsy

17. Elżbieta Biernat
Socio-Demographic Determinants of Participation in Swimming Amongst Working Residents of Warsaw

18. Juan Carlos Colado, X Garcia-Masso, ME Rogers, V Tella1, J Benavent, EHM Dantas
Effects of Aquatic and Dry Land Resistance Training Devices on Body Composition and Physical Capacity in Postmenopausal Women

19. Andrzej Ostrowski, Marek Strzała, Arkadiusz Stanula, Mirosław Juszkiewicz, Wanda Pilch, Adam Maszczyk
The Role of Training in the Development of Adaptive Mechanisms in Freedivers

20. Aldo M. Costa, Daniel A. Marinho, Helena Rocha, António J. Silva, Tiago M. Barbosa, Sandra S. Ferreira, Marta Martins
Deep and Shallow Water Effects on Developing Preschoolers' Aquatic Skills

21. Amanda Casey, Colin Boyd, Sasho MacKenzie, Roy Rasmussen
Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry to Measure the Effects of a Thirteen-Week Moderate to Vigorous Aquatic Exercise and Nutritional Education Intervention on Percent Body Fat in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities from Group Home Settings

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