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Volume 35

Archives > 2012


1. Olivera M. Knezevic, Dragan M. Mirkov, Marko Kadija, Darko Milovanovic, Slobodan
Alternating Consecutive Maximum Contraction as a Test of Muscle Function in Athletes Following ACL Reconstruction

2. Jonathan Sinclair, Paul JohnTaylor, Andrew Greenhalgh, Christopher James Edmundson, Darrell Brooks, Sarah Jane Hobbs
The Test-Retest Reliability of Anatomical Co-Ordinate Axes Definition for the Quantification of Lower Extremity Kinematics During Running

3. María Gómez, Cristina López de Subijana, Raquel Antonio, Enrique Navarro
Kinematic Pattern of the Drag-Flick: a Case Study

4. Janez Vodičar, Milan Čoh, Bojan Jošt
Kinematic Structure at the Early Flight Position in Ski Jumping

5. Wanda Forczek, Robert Staszkiewicz
An Evaluation of Symmetry in the Lower Limb Joints During the Able-Bodied Gait of Women and Men


6. Olav Olsen, Mona Sjohaug, Mireille van Beekvelt, Paul Jarle Mork
The Effect of Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercise on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness in the Quadriceps Muscle: a Randomized Controlled Trial

7. Mohammed Nader Shalaby, Mohammed Saad, Samy Akar, Mubarak Abdelreda Ali Reda, Ahmed Shalgham
The Role of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Programs on CD34+ Stem Cells and Chosen Physiological Variables

Bariş Karakoç, Cengiz Akalan, Utku Alemdaroglu, Erşan Arslan
The Relationship Between the Yo-Yo Tests, Anaerobic Performance and Aerobic Performance in Young Soccer Players


9. Carlos Lago-Penas
The Role of Situational Variables in Analysing Physical Performance in Soccer

10. Ricardo Ferraz, Roland van den Tillaar, Mário C. Marques
The Effect of Fatigue on Kicking Velocity in Soccer Players

11. Murat Bilge
Game Analysis of Olympic, World and European Championships in Men’s Handball

Almir Atiković
New Regression Models to Evaluate the Relationship between Biomechanics of Gymnastic Vault and Initial Vault Difficulty Values

13. Jeffrey C. Pagaduan, Haris Pojskić, Edin Užičanin, Fuad Babajić
Effect of Various Warm-Up Protocols on Jump Performance in College Football Players

14. Marek Strzała, Piotr Krężałek, Marcin Kaca, Grzegorz Głąb, Andrzej Ostrowski, Arkadiusz Stanula, Aleksander Tyka
Swimming Speed of The Breaststroke Kick

15. Ali Özkan, Gürhan Kay?han, Yusuf Köklü, Nevin Ergun, Mitat Koz, Gülfem Ersöz, Alexandre Dellal
The Relationship Between Body Composition, Anaerobic Performance and Sprint Ability of Amputee Soccer Players

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