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Volume 44

Archives > 2014


1. Influence of different hip joint centre locations on hip and knee joint kinetics and kinematics during the squat
Jonathan Sinclair, Stephen Atkins, Hayley Vincent

2. Training effectiveness of the Inertial Training and Measurement System
Mariusz Naczk, Wioletta Brzenczek-Owczarzak, Jarosław Arlet, Alicja Naczk, Zdzisław Adach

3. Changes in the balance performance of Polish recreational skiers after seven days of alpine skiing
Beata Wojtyczek, Małgorzata Pasławska and Christian Raschner

4. Impact of Center-of-Mass Acceleration on the Performance of Ultramarathon Runners
Shun-Ping Lin, Wen-Hsu Sung, Fon-Chu Kuo, Terry B.J. Kuo, Jin-Jong Chen

5. Spine Buddy® supportive pad impact on single-leg static balanceand a jogging gait of individuals wearing a military backpack
John Ward, Jesse Coats, Amir Pourmoghaddam

6. Intracyclic velocity variation and arm coordination for different skilled swimmers in the front crawl
Yuji Matsuda, Yosuke Yamada, Yasushi Ikuta, Teruo Nomura, Shingo Oda

7. The effect of climbing ability and slope inclination on vertical foot loading using a novel force sensor instrumentation system
Jiří Baláš, Michaela Panáčková, Soňa Jandová, Andrew, J. Martin, Barbora Strejcová, Ladislav Vomáčko, Jan Charousek, Darryl J. Cochrane, Mike Hamlin, Nick Draper


8. Effect of selective muscle training using visual EMG biofeedback on infraspinatus and posterior deltoid
One-bin Lim, Jeong-ah Kim, Si-jeong Song, Heon-seock Cynn, Chung-hwi Yi

9. Prevalence of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Elite Female Endurance Athletes
Anna Poświata, Teresa Socha, Józef Opara

10. The effects of sprint interval vs. continuous endurance training on physiological and metabolic adaptations in young healthy adults
Gulbin Rudarli Nalcakan

11. Acute endocrine responses to different strength exercise order in men
Rodrigo Rodrigues da Conceiçăo, Roberto Simăo, Anderson Luiz B. Silveira, Gabriel Costa e Silva, Marcelo Nobre, Veronica P. Salerno & Jefferson Novaes

12. Reference values of maximal oxygen uptake for Polish rowers
Klusiewicz A., M. Starczewski, M. Ładyga, B. Długołęcka, W. Braksator, A. Mamcarz, D. Sitkowski

13. Changes in energy cost and total external work of muscles in elite race walkers walking at different speeds
Wiesław Chwała, Andrzej Klimek, Wacław Mirek


14. Questioning the Resistance/Aerobic Training Dichotomy: A commentary on physiological adaptations determined by effort rather than exercise modality-Short Communication
James Fisher, James Steele

15. Analysis of speed performance in soccer by a playing position and a sports level using a laser system
Amelia Ferro, Jorge Villacieros, Pablo Floría, Jose L. Graupera

16. Comparison of Achilles tendon loading between male and female recreational runners
Greenhalgh Andrew, Sinclair Jonathan

17. Predicting power output of upper body using the OMNI-RES scale
Iker J. Bautista, Ignacio J. Chirosa, Ignacio Martín Tamayo, Andrés, González,Joseph E. Robinson, Luis J. Chirosa, Robert J. Robertson

18. Strength training prior to endurance exercise: impact on the neuromuscular system, endurance performance and cardiorespiratory responses
Matheus Conceiçăo, Eduardo Lusa Cadore, Miriam González-Izal, Mikel Izquierdo, Giane Veiga Liedtke, Eurico Nestor Wilhelm, Ronei Silveira Pinto, Fernanda Reistenbach Goltz, Cláudia Dornelles Schneider, Rodrigo Ferrari, Martim Bottaro, Luiz Fernando Martins Kruel

19. Effectiveness of the Call in Beach Volleyball attacking play
Stefan Künzell, Florian Schweikart, Daniel Köhn, Olivia Schläppi-Lienhard

20. Quantification and analysis of offensive situations in different formats of sided games in soccer
Jorge Diaz-Cidoncha Garcia, Ignacio Refoyo Román, Julio Calleja-González, Alexandre Dellal

21. Influence of exercise order on electromyographic activity during upper body resistance training
Rafael Soncin, Juliana Pennone, Thiago M. Guimarăes, Bruno Mezęncio, Alberto C. Amadio, Júlio C. Serrăo

22. Game intensity analysis of elite adolescent ice hockey players
Arkadiusz Stanula, Robert Roczniok

23. Anthropometric, physical, and age differences by the player position and the performance level in volleyball
José M. Palao, Policarpo Manzanares, David Valadés

24. The properties of water and their applications for training
Lorena Torres-Ronda, Xavi Schelling i del Alcázar

25. Neuromuscular Responses to Simulated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fights
Bruno da Silva; Moacir Marocolo Junior; Mário Simim; Bernardo Neme Ide; Gustavo da Mota


26. Review of Platonov’s “Sports Training Periodization. General Theory and its Practical Application” – Kiev: Olympic Literature, 2013
Vladimir Lyakh, Kazimierz Mikołajec, Przemysław Bujas , Ryszard Litkowycz

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