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1. Chunk Concatenation Evolves with Practice and Sleep-Related Enhancement Consolidation in a Complex Arm Movement Sequence
Klaus Blischke, Andreas Malangré

2. Evaluating Injury Risk in First and Second League Professional Portuguese Soccer: Muscular Strength and Asymmetry
Alberto Carvalho, Scott Brown, Eduardo Abade

3. The Effect of Exercise Intensity on Cognitive Performance During Short Duration Treadmill Running
Mike Smith, Jason Tallis, Amanda Miller, Neil D. Clarke, Lucas Guimarăes-Ferreira, Michael J. Duncan

4. Relationships Between Movements of the Lower Limb Joints and the Pelvis in Open and Closed Kinematic Chains During a Gait Cycle
Zdenek Svoboda, Miroslav Janura, Patrik Kutilek, Eva Janurova


5. Triathlon Wetsuit Removal Strategy: Physiological Cost of Running with a Wetsuit
Mihaela Ciulei, Aaron Prado, James Navalta, John A. Mercer

6. The Influence of the Gait-Related Arm Swing on Elevation Gain Measured by Sport Watches
Rahel Ammann, Wolfgang Taube, Matthias Neuhaus, Thomas Wyss

7. The Effect of the MTHFR C677T Mutation on Athletic Performance and the Homocysteine Level of Soccer Players and Sedentary Individuals
Nurten Dinç, Selda Bereket Yücel, Fatma Taneli, Metin Vehbi Sayýn

8. Changes of Standard Physiological-Perceptual Markers and Circulating MicroRNAs in Response to Tennis Match-Play: A Case Report of Two Elite Players
Matthias Wilhelm Hoppe, Christian Baumgart, Thomas Hilberg,Jürgen Freiwald, Udo Frank Wehmeier

9. Physiological Responses and Match Characteristics in Professional Tennis Players During a One-Hour Simulated Tennis Match
Bülent Kilit, Ömer Şenel, Erşan Arslan, Sema Can

10. Intramuscular Fiber Conduction Velocity, Isometric Force and Explosive Performance
Spyridon Methenitis, Gerasimos Terzis, Nikolaos Zaras, Angeliki-Nikoletta Stasinaki, Nikolaos Karandreas

11. Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density of Collegiate American Football Players
Hüseyin Hüsrev Turnagöl


12. Sex Differences and the Effects of Modified Combat Regulations on Endurance Capacity in Judo Athletes: A Meta-Analytic Approach
Katarzyna Sterkowicz-Przybycień, David H. Fukuda

13. Efficacy of the “Pick and Roll” Offense in Top Level European Basketball Teams
Christos Marmarinos, Nikolaos Apostolidis, Nikolaos Kostopoulos, Alexandros Apostolidis

14. A New Physical Performance Classification System for Elite Handball Players: Cluster Analysis
Iker J. Bautista, Ignacio J. Chirosa, Joseph E. Robinson,. Roland van der Tillaar, Luis J. Chirosa, Isidoro Martínez Martín

15. The Relative Contribution of Physical Fitness to the Technical Execution Score in Youth Rhythmic Gymnastics
Olyvia Donti, Gregory C. Bogdanis, Maria Kritikou, Anastasia Donti, Kalliopi Theodorakou

16. The Influence of Scoring Targets and Outer-Floaters on Attacking and Defending Team Dispersion, Shape and Creation of Space During Small-Sided Soccer Games
Julen Castellano, Pedro Silva, Oidui Usabiaga, Daniel Barreira

17. The Oxygen Uptake Slow Component at Submaximal Intensities in Breaststroke Swimming
Diogo R. Oliveira, Lio F. Gonçalves, António M. Reis, Ricardo J. Fernandes, Nuno D. Garrido, Victor M. Reis

18. Effect of the Pitch Size And Presence of Goalkeepers on the Work Load of Players During Small-Sided Soccer Games
Karel Hulka, Radim Weisser, Jan Belka

19. Comparison between Two Types of Anaerobic Speed Endurance Training in Competitive Soccer Players
Magni Mohr, Peter Krustrup

20. 10 km Running Performance Predicted by a Multiple Linear Regression Model with Allometrically Adjusted Variables
Cesar C. C. Abad, Ronaldo V. Barros, Romulo Bertuzzi, Joăo F. L. Gagliardi, Adriano E. Lima-Silva, Mike I. Lambert, Flavio O. Pires

21. Physical Fitness And Performance of Polish Ice-Hockey Players Competing at Different Sports Levels
Robert Roczniok, Arkadiusz Stanula, Tomasz Gabryś, Urszula Szmatlan-Gabryś, Artur Gołaś, Petr Stastny

22. Effects of Ethnicity on the Relationship Between Vertical Jump and Maximal Power on a Cycle Ergometer
Majdi Rouis, Laure Coudrat, Hamdi Jaafar, Elvis Attiogbé, Henry Vandewalle, Tarak Driss

23. The Goalkeeper Influence on Ball Possession Effectiveness in Futsal
Pedro Vicente-Vila, Carlos Lago-Peńas


24. Conforming and Nonconforming Personality and Stress Coping Styles in Combat Athletes
Ryszarda Ewa Bernacka, Bogusław Sawicki, Anna Mazurek-Kusiak, Joanna Hawlena

25. Determinants of Feedback Retention in Soccer Players
Nuno Januário, António Rosado, Isabel Mesquita, José Gallego, José M. Aguilar-Parra

26. An Investigation into the Relationship Between Pre-Competition Mood States, Age, Gender and a National Ranking in Artistic Gymnastics
Dóra Boldizsár, István Soós, Ian Whyte, Pál Hamar

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