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1. Yellow Fever and Traveling Athletes: Is Competing in Brazil Safe?
Rodrigo Luiz Vancini, Marília Santos Andrade, Cássia Regina Vancini-Campanharo, Claudio Andre Barbosa de Lira


2. Balance, Basic Anthropometrics and Performance in Young Alpine Skiers; Longitudinal Analysis of the Associations During Two Competitive Seasons
Blaz Lesnik, Damir Sekulic, Matej Supej, Michael R Esco, Milan Zvan

3. A Pilot Study of the Effect of Outsole Hardness on Lower Limb Kinematics and Kinetics during Soccer Related Movements
Dong Sun, Qichang Mei, Julien S Baker, Xuewen Jia4, Yaodong Gu

4. Post Activation Potentiation of the Plantarflexors: Implications of Knee Angle Variations
Paulo Gago, Anton Arndt, Maria M. Ekblom

5. Personal and Social Responsibility Among Athletes: the Role of Self-Determination, Achievement Goals and Engagement
Paulo Martins, António Rosado, Vítor Ferreira, Rui Biscaia

6. Trunk Strength Characteristics of Elite Alpine Skiers - A Comparison with Physically Active Controls

Carolin Hildebrandt, Lisa Müller, Christian Heisse, Christian Raschner

7. The Effects of Bench Press Variations in Competitive Athletes on Muscle Activity and Performance
Atle Hole Saeterbakken, Dag-André Mo, Suzanne Scott, Vidar Andersen


8. Effects of an Elastic Hamstring Assistance Device During Downhill Running
Randy L Aldret, Brittany A. Trahan, Greggory Davis, Brian Campbell, David M. Bellar

9. The Effects of Maximal Intensity Exercise on Cognitive Performance in Children
Roy David Samuel, Ofir Zavdy, Miriam Levav, Ronen Reuveny,Uriel Katz, Gal Dubnov-Raz

10. The Effect of Foam Rolling on Recovery Between Two Eight Hundred Metre Runs
Anthony D’Amico, Vincent Paolone

11. Cardiopulmonary Performance During Maximal Exercise in Soccer Players with Alterations in Renal Function
Anderson Pontes Morales, Felipe Sampaio-Jorge, Luiz Felipe da Cruz Rangel, Jackson de Souza Menezes, Tiago Costa Leite, Beatriz Gonçalves Ribeiro


12. A Rapidly-Incremented Tethered-Swimming Test for Defining Domain-Specific Training Zones
Dalton M. Pessôa Filho, Leandro O.C. Siqueira, Astor R. Simionato, Mário A.C. Espada, Daniel S. Pestana, Fred J. DiMenna

13. A Comparison of GPS Workload Demands in Match Play and Small-Sided Games by the Positional Role in Youth Soccer
Mathew Beenham, David J. Barron, John Fry, Howard H. Hurst, Antonio Figueirdo, Steve Atkins

14. Intra-Subject Variability of 5 Km Time Trial Performance Completed by Competitive Trained Runners
James Fisher, Thomas Clark, Katherine Newman-Judd, Josh Arnold, James Steele

15. Quality Versus Quantity Debate in Swimming: Perceptions and Training Practices of Expert Swimming Coaches
Frank J. Nugent, Thomas M. Comyns, Giles D. Warrington

16. A Model for Determining the Effect of the Wind Velocity on 100 M Sprinting Performance
Natasa Janjic, Darko Kapor, Dragan Doder, Aleksandar Petrovic, Radoslava Doder

17. Anthropometric Profile in Different Event Categories of Acrobatic Gymnastics
Yaiza Taboada-Iglesias, Mercedes Vernetta Santana, Águeda Gutiérrez-Sánchez

18. Differences in Anthropometry, Biological Age and Physical Fitness Between Young Elite Kayakers and Canoeists
Daniel López-Plaza, Fernando Alacid, José María Muyor, Pedro Ángel López-Miñarro

19. Assessment of Specificity of the Badcamp Agility Test for Badminton Players
Luiz de França Bahia Loureiro Jr, Mário Oliveira Costa Dias, Felipe Couto Cremasco, Maicon Guimarães da Silva, Paulo Barbosa de Freitas

20. Performance Trends in Master Butterfly Swimmers Competing in the FINA World Championships
Beat Knechtle, Pantelis T. Nikolaidis, Thomas Rosemann, Christoph A. Rüst


21. Home Advantage in Judo: Analysis by the Combat Phase, Penalties and the Type of Attack
Ciro José Brito, Bianca Miarka, Alfonso López Díaz de Durana, David H. Fukuda

22. Plantar Pressure Differences Between Nordic Walking Techniques
Alberto Encarnación-Martínez, Ángel Gabriel Lucas-Cuevas, Pedro Pérez-Soriano, Ruperto Menayo1, Gemma María Gea-García

23. Perceived Hindrances Experienced by Sport Coaches in South Africa
Alliance Kubayi, Yoga Coopoo, Heather Morris-Eyton

24. The Relationship Between Perceived Coaching Behaviours, Motivation and Self-Efficacy in Wrestlers
Ýhsan Sarý, Betül Bayazýt

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