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1. Differences in Trunk Strength Between Weightlifters and Wrestlers
Amira Ben Moussa Zouita, Sghaier Zouita, Catherine Dziri, Matt Brughelli, David G. Behm, Anis Chaouachi

2. Validity and Reliability of a 10 Hz GPS for Assessing Variable and Mean Running Speed
A. Vanessa Bataller-Cervero, Héctor Gutierrez, Jacobo DeRentería, Eduardo Piedrafita, Noel Marcén, Carlos Valero-Campo, Manuel Lapuente, César Berzosa

3. Changes in Lower-Limb Biomechanics, Soft Tissue Vibrations, and Muscle Activation During Unanticipated Bipedal Landings
Shen Zhang, Weijie Fu, Yu Liu

4. Force-Velocity Relationship in the Countermovement Jump Exercise Assessed by Different Measurement Methods
Amador García-Ramos, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Antonio J. Morales-Artacho, Filipa Almeida, Paulino Padial, Juan Bonitch-Góngora, Blanca de la Fuente, Belén Feriche

5. Sloppy, But Acceptable, Control of Biological Movement: Algorithm-Based Stabilization of Subspaces in Abundant Spaces
Vladimir M. Akulin, Frederic Carlier, Stanislaw Solnik, Mark L. Latash

6. Surface Electromyography Analysis of Three Squat Exercises
Alireza Monajati, Eneko Larumbe-Zabala, Mark Goss-Sampson, Fernando Naclerio

7. Sagittal and Frontal Plane Gait Initiation Kinetics in Healthy, Young Subjects

Andrew W. Smith, Del P. Wong


8. The Incidence and Occurrence of Injuries to Junior Rugby League Players in a Tropical Environment

Paul Richard Inglis, Kenji Doma, Glen Bede Deakin

9. Sleep Patterns and Alertness in an Elite Super Rugby Team During a Game Week
YIan C Dunican, Charles C Higgin, Kevin Murray, Maddison J Jones, Brian Dawson, John A Caldwell, Shona L Halson, Peter R Eastwood

10. Gross Efficiency and the Relationship with Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Young Elite Cyclists During the Competitive Season
Xabier Artetxe-Gezuraga, Sara Maldonado-Martín, Bret G. Freemye, Jesús Cámara

11. Mouth Rinsing Cabohydrates Serially does not Improve Repeated Sprint Time
Patrick M. Tomko, C. Matthew Laurent, Adam M. Fullenkamp, Nicholas R. Voth, Carmen A. Young

12. Alteration of Blinking and Sex Differences During Physical Exercise Affect Tear Osmolarity
Adam Wylêga³a, Bogumi³a Sêdziak-Marcinek, Jan Pilch, Edward Wylêga³a

13. Is Playing Soccer More Osteogenic for Females Before the Pubertal Spurt?
Gabriel Lozano-Berges, Ángel Matute-Llorente, Alejandro Gómez-Bruton, Alex González-Agüero, Germán Vicente-Rodríguez, José Antonio Casajús


14. Anthropometric and Motor Performance Variables are Decisive Factors for the Selection of Junior National Female Volleyball Players
Athanasios Tsoukos, Sotirios Drikos, Lee E. Brown, Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Panagiotis Veligekas, Gregory C. Bogdanis

15. Effects of Concurrent Strength and High-Intensity Interval Training on Fitness and Match Performance
in Water-Polo Players

Petros G. Botonis, Argyris G. Toubekis, Gerasimos D. Terzis, Nickos D. Geladas, Theodoros I. Platanou

16. Changes in Triathletes’ Performance and Body Composition During a Specific Training Period for a Half-Ironman Race
Sergio Sellés-Pérez, José Fernández-Sáez, Alberto Férriz-Valero, Jonathan Esteve-Lanao, Roberto Cejuela

17. Perceived Training Load, Muscle Soreness, Stress, Fatigue, and Sleep Quality in Professional Basketball: A Full Season Study
Filipe Manuel Clemente, Bruno Mendes, Sarah da Glória Teles Bredt, Gibson Moreira Praça, André Silvério, Sandro Carriço, Emanuel Duarte

18. Repeated Sprint Ability in Youth Soccer Players: Independent and Combined Effects of Relative Age and Biological Maturity
João P. Duarte, Manuel J. Coelho-e-Silva, Daniela Costa, Diogo Martinho, Leonardo G. O. Luz, Ricardo Rebelo-Gonçalves, João Valente-dos-Santos, António Figueiredo, André Seabra, Robert M. Malina

19. The Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Level 2 Test: Reliability of Performance Scores, Physiological Responses and Overload Characteristics in Competitive Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball Players
Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Athanasios Chatzinikolaou, Theodoros Pontidis, Alexandra Avloniti, Chariklia K. Deli, Diamanda Leontsini, Dimitrios Draganidis, Panagiotis D. Tsimeas, Lefteris Rafailakis, Athanasios Z. Jamurtas, Peter Krustrup, Magni Mohr, Ioannis G. Fatouros

20. Effects of Slackline Training on Acceleration, Agility, Jump Performance and Postural Control in Youth Soccer Players
Javier Fernández-Rio, Luis Santos, Benjamín Fernández-García, Roberto Robles, Iván Casquero, Raúl Paredes

21. Effects of the Performance Level and Race Distance on Pacing in Ultra-Triathlons
Beat Knechtle, Caio Victor de Sousa, Herbert Gustavo Simões, Thomas Rosemann, Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis

22. Jump Performance During Official Matches in Elite Volleyball Players: A Pilot Study
Ricardo Franco Lima, José M. Palao, Filipe Manuel Clemente

23. Ending MMA Combat, Specific Grappling Techniques According to the Type of the Outcome
Fábio dal Bello, Ciro José Brito, John Amtmann, Bianca Miarka

24. Physical Performance During Soccer-7 Competition and Small-Sided Games in U12 Players
Javier Sanchez-Sanchez, Mario Sanchez, Daniel Hernández, Oliver Gonzalo-Skok, David Casamichana, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Fabio Y. Nakamura

25. Changes in Floor Exercise Characteristics in World Elite Male Gymnasts
Jonas Rohleder, Tobias Vogt

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