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1. Inter-Limb Muscle Property Differences in Junior Tennis Players.
Joshua Colomar, Francisco Corbi, Ernest Baiget.

2. The Pre-Exhaustion Method Does Not Increase Muscle Activity in Target Muscle During Strength Training in Untrained Individuals.
Rafael A. Fujita, Nilson R. S. Silva, Bruno L. S. Bedo, Matheus M. Gomes.

3. Neuromuscular Impact of Acute Hypertrophic Resistance Loading With and Without Blood-Flow Restriction.
Goncalo Vilhena de Mendonca, Joana Margarida Correia, Miguel Gomes, André Dias Gonçalves, Carolina Vila-Cha, Pedro Pezarat-Correia.

4. A Study Comparing Gait and Lower Limb Muscle Activity During Aquatic Treadmill Running With Different Water Depth and Land Treadmill Running.
Billy C.L. So, Manny M.Y. Kwok, Veron C.Y. Fung, Ally H.Y. Kwok, Crystal W.C. Lau, Alison L.Y. Tse, Mini S.Y. Wong, John A. Mercer.

5. Validity and Reliability of the Smart Groin Trainer for Measuring Hip Adduction Strength.
António Carlos Sousa, Diogo Luís Marques, António Manuel Calado, Carlos Pacheco, Daniel Almeida Marinho, Mário Cardoso Marques, Bruno Filipe Travassos.


6. Changes in Heart Rate Variability and Post-Exercise Blood Pressure from Manipulating Rest Intervals Between Sets of Resistance Training.
Behzad Alemi, Sara Majlesi, Pooya Nekooei, Kamran Hooseinzadeh Ghasemabad, Paria Nekouie.

7. Evidence-Based Recovery in Soccer - Low-Effort Approaches for Practitioners.
Nils Haller, Erik Hübler, Thomas Stöggl, Perikles Simon.

8. Prevalence of Dehydration and the Relationship with Fluid Intake and Self-Assessment of Hydration Status in Czech First League Soccer Players.
Iva Klimesova, Jakub Krejci, Michal Botek, Andrew J. McKune, Ales Jakubec, Filip Neuls, Barbora Sladeckova, Michal Valenta.

9. Addition of in-Play Cooling Breaks During Intermittent Exercise while Wearing Lacrosse Uniforms in the Heat Attenuates Increases in Rectal Temperature.
Jumpei Osakabe, Miyuna Yamamoto, Takaaki Matsumoto, Yoshihisa Umemura.

10. The Effects of Preferred Music and Its Timing on Performance, Pacing, and Psychophysiological Responses During the 6-min Test.
Nidhal Jebabli, Hassane Zouhal, Daniel Boullosa, Karuppasamy Govindasamy, Claire Tourny, Anthony C. Hackney, Urs Granacher, Abderraouf Ben Abderrahman.


11. Influence of Tactical Behaviour on Running Performance in the Three Most Successful Soccer Teams During the Competitive Season of the Spanish First Division.
Jose Asian-Clemente, Luis Suarez-Arrones, Bernardo Requena, Alfredo Santalla.

12. Effects of Postactivation Performance Enhancement on the Vertical Jump in High-Level Volleyball Athletes.
Guilherme P. Berriel, Ananda S. Cardoso, Rochelle R. Costa, Rodrigo G. Rosa, Henrique B. Oliveira, Luiz Fernando M. Kruel, Leonardo A. Peyre-Tartaruga.

13. On-Court Change of Direction Test: An Effective Approach to Assess COD Performance in Badminton Players.
Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez, Irineu Loturco, Jose Luis Hernández-Davó, Fabio Y. Nakamura, Vicente García-Tormo, Francisco Álvarez-Dacal, Jonathan Martinez-Maseda, Juan García-López.

14. The Creation of Goal-Scoring Opportunities at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.
Alliance Kubayi.

15. Post-Activation Performance Enhancement in Sprinters: Effects of Hard Versus Sand Surfaces.
Lucas A. Pereira, Daniel Boullosa, Túlio B. M. A. Moura, Valter P. Mercer, Victor Fernandes, Chris Bishop, Irineu Loturco.

16. The Repeated Curve Sprint Test Appears to be an Appropriate Tool for Estimating Anaerobic Fitness in Young Trained Male Futsal Players.
Abdolhossein Parnow, Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari, Magni Mohr.

17. Training with a Heavy Puck Elicits a Higher Increase of Shooting Speed Than Unloaded Training in Midget Ice Hockey Players.
Dominik Novak, Jiri Loskot, Robert Roczniok, Lukas Opath, Petr Stastny.

18. Accuracy of Predicting One-Repetition Maximum from Submaximal Velocity in the Barbell Back Squat and Bench Press.
Christian T. Macarilla, Nicholas M. Sautter, Zac P. Robinson, Matthew C. Juber, Landyn M. Hickmott, Rebecca M. Cerminaro, Brian Benitez, Joseph P. Carzoli, Caleb D. Bazyler, Robert F. Zoeller, Michael Whitehurst, Michael C. Zourdos.

SECTION IV - Behavioural Sciences in Sport & Sport for the Disabled

19. Cognitive Factors in Elite Handball: Do Players' Positions Determine their Cognitive Processes?
Jan Blecharz, Krzysztof Wrześniewski, Małgorzata Siekańska, Tadeusz Ambroży, Michał Spieszny.

20. Movement Patterns of Polish National Paralympic Team Wheelchair Fencers with Regard to Muscle Activity and Co-Activation Time.
Zbigniew Borysiuk, Monika Błaszczyszyn, Katarzyna Piechota, Tadeusz Nowicki.

21. Handcycling Training in Men with Spinal Cord Injury Increases Tolerance to High Intensity Exercise.
Barbara Hall, Marcin Sikora, Dominik Jonas, Eleanor Matthews, Aleksandra Żebrowska.

22. Anaerobic Variables as Specific Determinants of Functional Classification in Wheelchair Basketball.
Jolanta Marszałek, Andrzej Kosmol, Natalia Morgulec-Adamowicz, Anna Mróz, Karol Gryko, Aija Klavina, Kestutis Skucas, José A. Navia, Bartosz Molik.

23. Assessing the Sprint Force-Velocity Profile in International Football Players with Cerebral Palsy: Validity, Reliability and Sport Class' Profiles.
Iván Pena-González, Alejandro Javaloyes, José Manuel Sarabia, Manuel Moya-Ramón.

24. The Importance of Posture And Body Composition for the Stability and Selected Motor Abilities of Professional Handball Players.
Jacek Wilczyński, Monika Cieślik, Adam Maszczyk, Anna Zwierzchowska.

25. Hand Grip Strength vs. Locomotor Efficiency in Sitting Volleyball Players.
Wojciech Wiliński, Artur Struzik, Andrzej Rokita, Milada Krejci, Marta Wieczorek.

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