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Volume 86

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1. Heart Rate Variability and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Youth Populations: The Impact of Heart Rate on Data Analysis.
Abel Plaza-Florido , Jerzy Sacha , Juan M. A. Alcantara.


2. Posturographic Standards for Optimal Control of Human Standing Posture.
Janusz W. Błaszczyk, Monika Beck.

3. Sex Difference in Lower-limb Electromyography and Kinematics when Using Resistance Bands during a Barbell Back Squat.
Shahab Alizadeh, Leah Vardy, Garrick N. Forman, Davis A. Forman, Michael W. R. Holmes, Duane C. Button.

4. Concurrent and Angle-Trajectory Validity and Intra-Trial Reliability of a Novel Multi-View Image-Based Motion Analysis System.
Namgi Lee, Junghoon Ahn, Wootaek Lim.

5. Agreement between Different Methods to Measure the Active Drag Coefficient in Front-Crawl Swimming.
Jorge E. Morais, Tiago M. Barbosa, Nuno D. Garrido, Maria S. Cirilo-Sousa, António J. Silva, Daniel A. Marinho.

6. The Impact of Fatigue on the Sense of Local and Global Rhythmic Movement.
Michał Pawłowski, Mariusz P. Furmanek, Bogdan Bacik, Tomasz Skowronek.

7. Squat and Countermovement Vertical Jump Dynamics Using Knee Dominant or Hip Dominant Strategies.
Keitaro Seki, Tomoki Nagano, Kiyohide Aoyama, Yasunori Morioka.

8. The Effect of Fatigue on Trunk and Pelvic Jump-Landing Biomechanics in View of Lower Extremity Loading: A Systematic Review.
Stefan Vermeulen, Camilla De Bleecker, Cedric De Blaiser, Özge Onursal Kilinç, Tine Willems, Jos Vanrenterghem, Philip Roosen, Roel De Ridder.

9. Differences in Velocities of Crucial Body Segments while Executing Roundhouse Kicks for Both Sides.
Jacek Wąsik, Dariusz Mosler, Dorota Ortenburger, Tomasz Góra, Robert Podstawski.


10. Foot Cooling between Interval Bouts Enhances Repeated Lower Limb Power Performance: The Role of Delaying Fatigue.
Chih-Min Wu, Jen-Yu Ho, Wen-Yi Wang, Zong-Yan Cai.

11. The Effects of Intermittent Diet Breaks during 25% Energy Restriction on Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate in Resistance-Trained Females: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Madelin R. Siedler, Megan H. Lewis, Eric T. Trexler, Priscila Lamadrid, Brian J. Waddell, Sarah F. Bishop, Gillian SanFilippo, Kaitlin Callahan, David Mathas, Gianna F. Mastrofini, Menno Henselmans, Fredrik T. Varvik Bill I. Campbell.

12. Reference Values of the Forearm Tremor Power Spectra for Youth Athletes.
Jan Gajewski, Joanna Mazur-Różycka, Michał Górski, Krzysztof Buśko.

13. Physiological Variables that Contribute to Aerobic Fitness in Boys during Early Adolescence in the Context of Basketball Training and the Maturity Level.
Eligijus Mačinskas, Loreta Stasiule, Kęstutis Pužas, Arvydas Stasiulis.

14. Relationships between Changes in Hematological Adaptations and Exercise Capacity in Olympic Rowers after a Period of Reduced Training Loads.
Dariusz Sitkowski, Andrzej Klusiewicz, Andrzej Pokrywka, Wojciech Jankowski, Jadwiga Malczewska-Lenczowska.


15. Time Management Strategies of Rock Climbers in World Cup Bouldering Finals.
Ben J. Mckellar, Alexandra M. Coates, Jeremy N. Cohen, Jamie F. Burr.

16. Strength and Conditioning Practices of Brazilian Olympic Sprint and Jump Coaches.
Irineu Loturco, Thomas Haugen, Tomás T. Freitas, Chris Bishop, Tulio B. M. A. Moura, Valter P. Mercer, Pedro E. Alcaraz, Lucas A. Pereira, Anthony Weldon.

17. When and How Do Soccer Players From a Semi-Professional Club Sprint in Match Play?
José M. Oliva-Lozano, Juan Cuenca-López, Javier Suárez, Paulino Granero-Gil, José M. Muyor.

18. Influence of the Competitive Level and Weight Class on Technical Performance and Physiological and Psychophysiological Responses during Simulated Mixed Martial Arts Fights: A Preliminary Study.
Orlando Folhes, Víctor Machado Reis, Diogo Luís Marques, Henrique Pereira Neiva, Mário Cardoso Marques.

19. Effects of a Velocity-Based Complex Training Program in Young Female Artistic Roller Skating Athletes.
André Rebelo, Joao R. Pereira, Diogo V. Martinho, Joao Valente-dos-Santos.

20. The Effect of Unilateral and Bilateral Leg Press Training on Lower Body Strength and Power and Athletic Performance in Adolescent Rugby Players.
Xiang Zhao, Anthony P. Turner, John Sproule, Shaun M. Phillips.

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